My Journey – 

I started my journey from impoverished beginnings. Early dismissal of my father in 1987 allowed me to transform my gravity into a visionary art delicacy. I started devising religious paintings and antique idols to help my family fight financial constraints. Since then, I am blending my taste in sculptures, architecture and painting.

A teacher by profession and an artist by virtue, my father inspired me to transform emotions into extravagant sculptures. He was a true visionary who made me a child prodigy.

I formally started my journey as a sculptor in the year 1991. Since then, I have made more than 1000 sculptures. Today Prabhat Rai Murti Kala Kendra is the biggest firm in the country for monumental sculptures.

I expertise in turning emotions into postures expressing the full range of human composure. Idealised in quasi-divine form of energy, I master in metallic and clay art. I believe in amalgamating 3-D visualisation that combines realism and powerful emotions. I work endlessly to bring sculptures to life.

My sculptures are not just passive contemplation of human expression but they create an impression of creation; creations that are full of energy and divine serenity.